Friday, August 21, 2009


I have been off the subject of sawzen too long, but was reminded by a visit to Mindculture's blog and reading a post on Karma, a sad story of a bird burned in a fire.

I explain Karma to myself in the following way. We can be viewed as distinct and separate if we are examining the boundaries between us. We can be seen and understood as whole and one if we are looking at the connections, like these letters and words forming on this small screen of mine which will soon be seen on yours.

When we live in the second version, seeing the connections between us, we see that what is done to one is done simultaneously to the other. We shut the doors to the pain and shame from errors of what we have done by denial of our larger, more comprehensive self. Thence live narrowly, in pain, isolation and loneliness of self-imposed exile from greater being. It doesn't have to wait a lifetime. Unfortunately, for some, so isolated from their own sense of greater being, perhaps it will.