Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The following is from Joe Barry:
There is a philosophical concept from the Zen mystic Takuan that basically refers to "the sword that takes life and the sword that gives life" Like most Zen koans it is paradoxical. Basically, you can choose to practice swordsmanship as just a way of killing an opponent. The more enlightened practitioner uses the practice of swordsmanship to improve himself thus "giving life".

With our hands we have choices whether to "give life" or "take life". It is tragic when we choose to misuse our gifts and take life rather than create beauty with our hands.
Thanks Joe!

I went to the hardware store after school today and they had the television on, watching the coverage of the tragedy. I mentioned the role of the hands in maintaining mental and emotional well-being and balance. Rudy, who is capable of fixing nearly anything, and Carolyn who is an artist as well as a part-time hardware store clerk knew even without thinking it over that my hypothesis is correct. There are those who have common sense, learned in life, and there are those with academic sense, learned in books. I realize that people would take my hypothesis more seriously if I had a Phd. in Psychology to back it up. I urge those of you who share common sense to arise in defense of our children. Turn off the televisions, trash the games, put tools in the hands of children and teach them to create.